Come and enjoy your adventure of a lifetime with a balloon flight over the Lambertville and New Hope area. You board your balloon and rise gently into the sky above the magnificent countryside of Hunterdon and Bucks Counties. On clear days, you may see the Delaware Water Gap and even the skylines of Philadelphia and New York City.

Dancing on Air balloon voyages may be scheduled seven days a week, year round.  We have two flight times per day, at sunrise and shortly before sunset.

Once we meet at the launch site, our team will assemble and begin inflation of the balloon.  You’ll witness the exciting inflation as the balloon takes shape. You may even take part as a crewmember by holding a line or assisting in other ways.

After the balloon lifts off, we gently rise up in the air. The pilot will take you up to about 2,000 feet where you will get a breath-taking view of the entire area. Next, the pilot will take the balloon down to tree-top level where you can look for wildlife on the ground.  It’s common for us to see deer, fox, and wild turkeys. You may even be able to talk to humans we might fly over.

Our time in flight averages an hour. Once we land, our ground crew meets us at the landing spot where we pack up the balloon and then return to the launch field for a champagne toast.


Plan on about three hours for the entire event... time to assemble and inflatethe balloon, flight time, and our champagne celebration following the flight.

Dress comfortably for this outdoor activity – footwear suitable for a walk in the fields and comfortable slacks.  Generally, the temperature is no colder in the balloon than on the ground, so dress appropriately for the temperature of that day. Layers are suggested as our dawn flights may start out chilly and grow warmer as the sun comes up and the opposite for our sunset flights.  We
recommend a baseball cap or other type of hat as some radiant heat from the burners overhead may be felt.

If you have any questions prior to your flight, please give us a call or send an email.  We look forward to flying with you.

Booking your flight is simple. Use our reservation link or Call 1-877-HOT AIR 4.