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Robin Larkin Loesser, president and pilot for Dancing on Air, has over 28 years experience in general aviation. Ratings/licenses held are fixed-wing pilot, instrument rating, commercial hot-air balloon pilot, and certified flight instructor.  She recently completed advanced training courses on commercial operations, flight instruction,
and aviation safety.  In the recent past, Robin was awarded with the Great Eastern Balloon Association (GEBA) "PRESIDENTS AWARD" for her contributions to the ballooning community. She is actively involved with GEBA serving as Landowner Relations committee chairperson.
Bob Mueller, pilot and balloon sales, has flown balloons in several countries and is currently giving ballooning demonstrations to schools throughout the US. Bob has over 25 years ballooning experience and has flown many different types of balloon systems, both commercially and experimentally. He has several years experience flying corporate sponsored balloons for Remax, Pepsi, Brut and Claritin. Bob also trains balloon pilots and is the "go-to" guy for balloon system sales.
Ken Loesser, pilot, has flown balloons throughout the Northeast. He is our crew chief and has logged hundreds of hours as a balloon pilot. Ken was chosen to fly Nick Cannon for a segment on America's Got Talent. His resume includes training with some of the best pilots in the world. Recently, he has made presentations at local safety seminars and is the chairperson for GEBA's Festival Relations committee.
JR Maehr, pilot, has flown balloons throughout the US. He has been ballooning for over 15 years and has hundreds of hours as a balloon pilot. JR has several hundred hours as crew chief and is an accomplished balloon pilot. He is currently flying in competitive events throughout the Northeast United States.
RJ Letrent, pilot, hails from Hamilton, New Jersey. He flies regularly in the Garden State, but logbook entries also include a number of festivals across the Northeast and even a flight in the Slovak Republic. RJ has trained in a variety of systems and now has students of his own. RJ currently serves as vice president of the Great Eastern Balloon Association.
DANCING ON AIR is thrilled to offer hot air balloon rides in FLORIDA as well!
Bill Dunn, pilot, started his ballooning odyssey in New Jersey in 1994. He now owns and operates Balloons Over Florida! Bill says "Ballooning is a whimsical view of the world. Its charm enables us to enjoy the world and those around us at a more leisurely pace, leaving us with a better perspective on life". Call us now to book your flight... in FLORIDA.